White Hat Hacker Training (C.E.H. v10 Compatible)

Ethical Hackers are cyber security experts who detect and interpret vulnerabilities on infrastructures by using the methods of malicious actors. Ethical Hacker is in the category of white hat hacker who assess vulnerabilities legally and legitimately. The training teaches the 20 different modules of the current version CEHv10 in detail and prepares the candidates for the CEH exam.


Who is this training for?

Cyber security experts, system experts, system administrators, cyber security analysts and people who want to prepare for the CEH exam.

Training Duration

  • 5 Days

Requirements for Training:

  • Basic TCP/IP and Network knowledge
  • Basic Linux
  • Basic Information Security

Certification & Achievements

  • UITSEC International Certificate of Participation
  • Ethical Hacker discipline and perspective

Training Topics


Introduction to Ethical Hacking


Network Scans


Vulnerability Analysis

System Hacking

Malware Threats
Social Engineering
Session Hijacking
IDS, Firewall and Honeypot Bypass
Web Server Hacking
Web Applications Hacking
SQL Injection
Wireless Network Hacking
Mobile Platform Hacking
IoT Hacking
Cloud computing