Basic Linux Security Training


Linux security training aims to enable users to approach the lifecycle of Linux-based operating systems from a security perspective and secure their existing systems.


Who is this training for?

Cyber security analysts, system administrators, SOC experts, SOC administrators and candidates who want to learn the security fundamentals of the Linux operating system.

Training Duration

  • 5 Days

Requirements for Training:

  • Basic TCP/IP and Network Knowledge

Certification & Achievements

  • UITSEC International Certificate of Participation
    Linux operating system basics

Training Topics

  • Introduction
    • A Brief History of the Internet

      A Brief History of Linux

      A Brief History of Vulnerabilities

      Popular Attacks

      What is Hardening?
  • Offensive Security
    • Session Playback and Network Listening



      Physical Access Attacks

      Password Issues Attacks

      Service Application Exploiting

      Code Exploiting
  • Linux / Unix Hardening
  • Web Service and Application Security
    • DNS ve BIND
    • DNSSEC
    • Apache Web Server
    • Apache Configuration
    • HTTP - HTTPS
    • SSL Configuration
    • Mod-Security WAF
    • FTP Hardening
    • API Security – Command, SQL, XSS Inj., Webshell, vs.
    • Network DoS Protection - IpTables
  • Logging and Analysis
    • Syslog-NG
    • AIDE