Although the measures taken regarding cyber security are increasing day by day, the attack methods developed by the attackers are well above this increase.

In addition to institutions and organizations, the most important one of the tools used in attacks against individuals is harmful software. Malware, also known as malicious software, allows attackers to gain control of your systems or render them inoperable.

The main objectives of such an attack tool include extraction of data outside the organization, data disclosure, data corruption/manipulation, ransom demand, or the use of captured systems in different attacks.

An effective and detailed Malware Analysis should be carried out even if the slightest attack is suspected and it should be ensured that the systems are not attacked.

Malware Analysis should be performed by teams specialized in this field. In this process, where all kinds of anomalies need to be examined one by one, malware may not be detected correctly due to an insignificant detail to be omitted.

Thanks to the expert staff, UITSEC Malware Analysis teams provide 100% manual inspection of each system, detection of malware and cleaning from the system.