Cyber intelligence can be defined as the information that IT and security departments need to identify current and potential threats and respond effectively to the incident.

Threat detection is critical for organizations in terms of improving and developing their capabilities on specific issues, such as reputation protection, prioritization or emergency response. Cyber intelligence is an output of organizations' threat investigations and analysis processes. When it comes to cyber intelligence, organizations focus on the most current threats in their network.

It is seen that prevention activities do not always work when it comes to data breaches. This is the same even for organizations with unlimited budgets for preventing cyber incidents. This is because we witness new threats every day. Therefore, it is not easy to follow techniques that target cybercriminals and critical systems of organizations. At this point, cyber intelligence plays a very important role.

The data obtained through threat analysis can be combined with information about the tools, methods and techniques used by the attackers. In this way, threats are effectively identified and intervened.

UITSEC attaches great importance to cyber intelligence service to collect organized and analyzed data on current and potential threats. The main purpose of cyber intelligence consulting is to help organizations understand potential cyber security risks. With cyber intelligence work, you can find detailed information about the types of attacks that can hurt your organization the most.

With UITSEC's advanced and effective cyber intelligence service, your organization will adopt a more proactive and comprehensive approach to its security. Thanks to our expert team, you will be aware of threats before cyber-attackers cause irreparable damage to your systems and data.

UITSEC takes effective steps by leveraging cyber intelligence research to mitigate risks, improve the ability to respond to the incident, and ensure the overall security of your organization.

UITSEC Cyber intelligence consultancy supports you by:

  • • Assessing risks to your organization, analyzing incoming alerts, and improving your overall safety,
  • • Increasing the effectiveness of your security operations,
  • • Creating strategies to monitor the most up-to-date threats,
  • • Understanding the methods and techniques used by cyber criminals,
  • • Integrating cyber intelligence into existing security procedures.

While UITSEC offers unique cyber intelligence consultancy and security awareness, it works in coordination with your security teams and supports preliminary preparation and measures to protect your organization from cyber threats.