The development of technology has led institutions to compete in intelligence gathering within the competitive environment. Today's IT infrastructure and processes are very convenient for gathering intelligence and making gains by evaluating this intelligence.

It is known that a real spy can extract highly sensitive and critical information from the organization without disrupting its corporate functioning and revealing himself. As a result of these espionage studies;

  • • Trade secrets can be disclosed,
  • • Information about operations may be disclosed,
  • • Corporate correspondence can be obtained,
  • • Personal information of the employees of the institution can be accessed,
  • • Loss of customer information and personal information,
  • • Loss of prestige as a result of damage to reputation and missing job opportunities,
  • • There may be a decrease in trust in the organization and a loss of customers.

As a result of the tests to be carried out by UITSEC's expert espionage team, it is determined how your organization will act in the face of a possible cyber espionage and the results are reported.