Although there is no limit to the measures to be taken against cyber attacks, it is necessary to be prepared in case of a possible violation and to have done the necessary works to take action.

In addition to the proactive work to be carried out with institutions and organizations within the scope of Emergency Consultancy, UITSEC is ready with the support it will provide in case of any attack that may occur 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Thanks to instant transportation, the teams are organized quickly and provide effective solutions to the attacks or the measures to be taken after the incident thanks to the fast and accurate decision-making mechanism, allowing you to work more peacefully.

In an emergency, the event should be defined and categorized as a priority. In this process, while the remote support process is initiated in the first place, our teams take action to realize the on-site intervention as soon as possible. Detailed analysis studies are carried out after taking urgent measures for the detected event, while determining the source problem and taking definitive solution steps. Finally, issuing the incident report and completing the process are among the work steps.