More than 20% of today’s companies have comprehensive system interruptions. Furthermore, more than half of the companies having high level emergencies are forced to give up the business. Corporate Continuity is a management approach detecting potential impact factors threatening companies and protecting brand value, reputation and profitability of the company. UITSEC carries out Corporate Continuity projects of your company as turn-key.

- The fundamental steps of this project
- Determining policies and objectives
- Risk Analysis
- Determining Critical Business Processes
- Emergency Management
- Communication
- Practice and Test Processes
- Revision and Update
- Review of Senior Management

“Information security is the major component of an organization”

ISMS Consultancy
It is very important that your organization has ISO 27001 certificate and your ISMS (Information Security Management System) runs properly. ISO 27001 consultancy service provided by UITSEC experienced team aims at making your processes and systems continue without any problem. Adequate and proportional security of your organization can be achieved thanks to our professional consultants. ISO 27001 certification process is performed in the best and quickest way in order to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and obtain the desired results without losing time.

Business Continuity Management
Business Continuity Management can be defined as the capability of the organization to continue providing its products or services at acceptable predefined levels following a disaster or destructive incident. In this service provided by UITSEC consultants who have carried out many successful projects in the Middle East and Turkey, you become aware of the threats and risks, control the up-to-dateness of your existing risk analysis and develop management systems and processes that will enable the continuity of your services.

- Can you image a world where standards do not exist? For example, can a company designing routers without having IEEE 802.11 standard convince companies about the compliance of its products? Unstandardized products do not show compliance with the equipment they are integrated into and this can cause damages on user side.
- ISO 27001 is a guide that assists information security management system (ISMS) and integrating information security for all organizations regardless of the sector size.
- UITSEC helps you to maintain “Life Cycle of the Information” safely by managing the information infrastructure of your company with Risk Management, Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery operations.
- Business Continuity as defined by Price Waterhause: “The identification and protection of critical business processes and resources required to maintain an acceptable level of business, protecting those resources and preparing procedures to ensure the survival of the organization in times of business disruption” (System Management Methodology-Disaster Contingency Planning,1992, Price Waterhouse).